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Sleep and Circadian Research

Sleep and Circadian Research Group

The Sleep and Circadian Research Group is focused on understanding the impact of sleep disorders on health and well-being, and developing new diagnostic and therapeutic pathways to improve sleep health. The Group’s work spans several key research areas including: Neurobiology, Neurodegeneration and Sleep; Insomnia and Behavioural Sleep Medicine; Chronic Respiratory Disease and Sleep; Cardiometabolic Diseases and Sleep; and Epidemiology and Clinical Trials. The Woolcock has a suite of state-of-the-art research facilities including high-density electroencephalography and the ‘Australian Centre for Chronobiology, Endocrinology and Sleep Sciences Laboratory’ – a sleep lab which can be operated in time isolation mode, with varying light intensity and light spectra and controlled noise exposure.

Current examples of some of the research studies include: Sleep and health effects of wind turbine exposure; Novel brain biomarkers of driving and vigilance performance in sleep apnea after extended wakefulness; Light to improve sleep, circadian rhythms, cognition and daytime alertness; and Cannabis-based medicine for chronic insomnia.

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CIRUS: The Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology

CIRUS, the Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology conducts patient-centred translational research across a broad spectrum of sleep disorders at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney and at partner sites within Sydney, across Australia and internationally. 

CIRUS is a sophisticated network of organisations, clinical services, research leaders and facilities which conducts research in a range of areas through a multi-site collaborative approach, utilising the strengths of each partner. Its collective capacity and interdisciplinary methodology fosters new discoveries in science and medicine which are then translated to improved sleep healthcare.

Our Researchers

Assoc/Prof Christopher Gordon
Dr Camilla Hoyos
Assoc/Prof Brendon Yee
Assoc/Prof Keith Wong
Dr Rick Wassing
Dr Tancy Kao
Dr Elizabeth Cayanan
Dr Roo Killick
Dr Sheila Sivam
Assoc/Prof Nicholas Stow
Dr Henry Ainge-Allen

Our Higher Degree Research Students

Elle Galgut
Anastasia Suraev
Dr Yizhong Zheng
Dr Keith Johnson
Shawn Kong
Aaron Lam
Carla Haroutonian
Andrea Ricciardiello
Melissa Aji
Teha Pun
Zoe Schrire

Coordinators and Research Assistants

Alison Wheaton
Garry Cho
Kyle Kremerskothen
Arina Ridha
Marilyn Yee
Paula Ordonez Artunduaga
Paola Espinel Diaz
Emma Funnell
Jeffrey Chung
Stacey Theocharous
Sam Haffar
Ping-hsiu Lin
Isabella Valenzuela
Callum Berry
Jun Teh
Roy Woldhuis

CIRUS Collaborators

Dr Julia Chapman
Dr Shantel Duffy
Assoc/Prof David Wang
Professor Sharon Naismith
Professor Simon Lewis
Assoc/Prof Amanda Piper
Assoc/Prof Andrew Vakulin
Professor Bandana Saini
Dr Maria Comas Soberats
Dr Pearl Chung
Dr Chris Blackwell
Dr Yasmina Serinel
Dr Liora Kempler
Professor Danny Eckert
Dr Tom Altree
Professor Glenda Halliday
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