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Woolcock sleep specialists organise sleep tests on patients to better understand what is happening when they sleep. These tests measure sleep patterns and monitor breathing, heart rate and other body functions usually through polysomnography, the gold standard sleep study for diagnosing sleep disorders.


These tests ensure that your sleep problem is quickly sorted out. A sleep specialist will use the results to diagnose your sleep issue, and get you onto treatment to boost your quality of life. Living with a sleep disorder increases your risk of developing cardiovascular complications including high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke and diabetes, and can also affect your mood, productivity, and how clearly you think during the day.

Get Involved

Step 1: Book in

A GP referral is required to book a sleep study or sleep specialist consultation.

Step 2: Get prepared

The cost of the sleep study will be discussed with you upon booking. There are several options regarding payment available. Partial reimbursement may be available from Medicare and/or your private health fund if you have suitable cover.

Pack an overnight bag and have an early dinner before you come in for your sleep study. The sleep technicians require you to have clean hair and wear no nail polish, but no other special preparation is required unless instructed by your physician.

Step 3: Your sleep study night 

During the evening, a sleep technician will place sensors on your head and body to monitor you both before bed and during the night.

You’ll be woken about 6am so the sleep technician can remove the sensors. You’re free to shower and leave the Clinic by 7am.

Step 4: Getting results

Results are extensively analysed and a detailed report is provided to your sleep specialist and sent to your GP. Your sleep specialist will discuss the results with you at your next appointment.

Click here for detailed information on what to expect in a sleep study.

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How do I organise a sleep study?

Book an appointment

For bookings with a Respiratory and Sleep physician, please call us on 02 9805 3000 or complete the form below.  

Please ensure you have a referral from your doctor. To download a referral form, click here.    

Please note that the Woolcock Clinic is a fee-charging clinic and fees are charged at the doctor’s discretion.


WHAT TO EXPECT DURING A Diagnostic Sleep Study


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