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You can help us help people breathe and sleep better. Here are some examples of what your tax-deductible donation can do:

  • $50 can provide Woolly the Lamb sleep well packs for two children's overnight sleep studies
  • $100 can provide two hours of specialised High Density EEG sleep research
  • $200 can provide lung function tests for 60 people with asthma or pulmonary disease
  • $1,000 can provide two days of air quality research

Fill out our secure online form to donate today. You can also make bequests and capital donations to the Woolcock.

If you have any questions about making a donation to the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, please email us at donations@woolcock.org.au. Thank you for your support.

Please note: We do not conduct experiments on animals at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research.

Contact details:

EMAIL: donations@woolcock.org.au

Why donate to the Woolcock?

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Special donations

A fundamental component of the long-term sustainability of the Woolcock is support through bequests.

Bequests to the Woolcock help solidify the Institute’s financial underpinnings just as the legacy of Professor Ann Woolcock underpins the Woolcock’s research culture and innovation.

We understand that your loved ones will always come first, but a gift of any size to the Woolcock can make a significant and lasting difference. Your support will allow us to find the causes, prevention, diagnosis and better treatment of respiratory and sleep disorders for the many people who suffer from long-term, life threatening and disabling conditions. Your legacy will enable our team of dedicated and hard-working physicians and scientists to make breakthrough discoveries helping people far into the future.

Making a bequest is a simple process, and by including the Woolcock, a not-for-profit medical research organisation, in your Will, you can help to secure the future of our work. If you are in the process of writing or rewriting your Will, you can include a residuary, pecuniary or specific bequest to the Woolcock.

Suggested wording for a bequest to the Woolcock is as follows:

  • Residuary bequest (defined as a gift of what remains in an Estate after the payment of administrative expenses, creditor claims, and any other types of Bequests listed in the Will)

    "I xxxxx (insert name) give ______ percent of the residue of my estate ..."

  • Pecuniary bequest (defined as a specific cash amount)

    "I xxxxx (insert name) give $______ ..."

  • Specific bequest (defined as a gift of a specific item listed in a Will, easily identified from all other listed assets)

    "I xxxxx (insert name) give [describe asset accurately] ..."

    "... to the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research (ABN 88 002 198 905) of 431 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW 2037, for purposes of funding world-class research, and the receipt of the Chief Executive, Treasurer, Secretary or the Public Officer for the time being will be an absolute discharge to my executor."

If you already have a Will, you can simply amend it to include a gift to the Woolcock.

For a confidential discussion about leaving a bequest, please email us at donations@woolcock.org.au.

Capital Gifts enhance the Woolcock’s ability to conduct world-class research and provide state-of-the-art research facilities. These gifts enable us to support high-profile research in new areas and facilities to accommodate them.

The Institute has a vision for the future of sleep and breathing research which you may be interested in supporting. To learn more about specific projects please email us at donations@woolcock.org.au.

What your donation can do

Find out more about how your donation can contribute to new discoveries that will impact on the lives of people suffering from respiratory and sleep diseases and lung cancer today and in the future.

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