Woolcock Institute of Medical Research
Our Mission & Strategy

What we strive to do

The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research strives to improve respiratory and sleep health globally through world-class research, clinical care and education.

Our team of more than 200 medical researchers is dedicated to investigating the causes of disease, finding better treatments and translating our discoveries into new clinical practice.

Our approach is holistic, from basic scientific research into the mechanisms of disease through to the development of high-tech applications and inhalers for the front line. Our work involves clinical investigation of new therapies and innovative approaches to patient management as well as implementation research to improve the uptake of our evidence. We also study large patient populations to determine the best public health strategies for respiratory health in our community.

We are determined that our work creates a better life for people living with lung and respiratory conditions and sleep disorders. Our dedication to wellbeing is at the very heart of what we do.

Woolcock Strategy: 2019-2021

Our Vision

Improved quality of life for individuals and families affected by sleep, breathing and lung disorders.


The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research (the Woolcock) aspires to maintain our world leading research impact by the translation of sleep, respiratory and lung cancer research into better clinical outcomes globally.

Who are we?

Currently ranked as the leading Australian sleep and respiratory research institute, the Woolcock is a globally renowned network of researchers and clinicians who deal with the causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of respiratory disease and sleep disorders.

Our Values

  • We support open, respectful discussion, effective communication, transparent decision making and productive internal governance practices
  • In particular, we show respect at all times for staff, patients, families and carers as well as referring clinicians
  • We strive for excellence and innovation in research, research translation, clinical care and patient outcomes
  • We actively seek mutually beneficial internal and external partnerships
  • We strive to obtain the best possible outcomes with our multidisciplinary and multifaceted approach to addressing respiratory and sleep disorders
  • We support and, where possible, resource individuals and teams to achieve their goals and potential
  • We explore creative ways of providing quality career and learning opportunities for researchers, students, associates and staff

Collaborators and stakeholders


The Woolcock has strong affiliations with many organisations including Macquarie University, the University of Sydney, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), UNSW Sydney, Sydney Local Health District, Northern Sydney Local Health District, National Lung Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam and several other major health districts, health care provider networks, professional bodies, commercial companies and research funding organisations.

In addition, the Woolcock’s scientists and clinicians collaborate with colleagues across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. We also operate a branch office in Vietnam (Woolcock Vietnam).

Key priorities
  • Strengthening our world class position by broadening and deepening our range of research into sleep and respiratory disorders
  • Building on progress with lung cancer and emphysema initiatives to change the life of patients
  • Expanding the work of the clinics and improve the patient voice
  • Establishing a new physical home for the Woolcock
  • Developing a program for recruitment of PhD students
  • Increasing the contribution of philanthropy to the Woolcock sustainability and success
  • Improving our profile by increasing our media and social media presence
  • Establishing new clinical research networks in NSW, nationally and internationally
  • Exploring ways to build our impact in Asia particularly Vietnam

Strategic Objectives

Each of our five strategic objectives is supported by a comprehensive set of actions and initiatives as detailed in our Strategic Plan 2019-2021.

A. Research
  • Strategic Objective: To grow research quality and impact, and enhance research training.
B. Clinics, Clinical Care and Education
  • Strategic Objective: To maximise clinic quality, research engagement, and the impact of education activities.
C. Partnerships
  • Strategic Objective: To grow and deepen mutually beneficial research and clinical partnerships and collaborations.
D. Development and Branding
  • Strategic Objective: To refresh and enhance our brand and reputation and step up performance in development and fundraising.
E. The Organisation, People and Systems
  • Strategic Objective: To continue to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

Performance Tracking

Performance against each of the five strategic objectives is monitored by the Board and Management against a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), each of which sets a three-year target to be achieved over the life of the plan.

Our Mission
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