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Insomnia Clinic

Insomnia is a common and debilitating sleep disorder that can be cured with help from sleep specialists at the Woolcock.


  • People with insomnia have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking too early. Insomnia often develops during times of high stress and most people will suffer from insomnia at some point in their lives.
  • You probably have insomnia if your sleep troubles persist for more than a month or you have used sleeping pills for longer than two weeks and feel you cannot get a good night’s sleep without them.
  • Insomnia impacts on daily life causing a lack of energy, irritability, poor performance at work, memory difficulties and concentration problems.
  • Treating insomnia reduces health risks and helps people feel better and more confident about their sleep.


Individual Consultations

Highly qualified insomnia specialists are available for individual consultations and to assess whether you need further referral for some other sleep disorder.

The Insomnia Workshop

The Workshop is a specialised insomnia program based on international research. It involves two group sessions and two individual consultations which are designed to help you re-learn sleep and become confident about gaining control of your sleep. This method of treating insomnia involves cognitive behavioural therapy. Research shows it to be the most effective long-term treatment for insomnia. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions because research shows that being involved in all four sessions is a key part of making the necessary changes to improve your sleep. Participants are required to complete sleep diaries and each person will receive handouts and booklets to keep.


Session 1 - Learn About Sleep

Explore the many myths surrounding sleep. You’ll learn sleep facts, simple but powerful relaxation techniques and how to improve your sleep by doing ‘sleep things’ differently. By the end of the session you will have a better understanding of how to begin to get a better night’s sleep.

Session 2 - Improving Sleep

Learn how your current thinking about sleep can harm your ability to sleep well. You will be shown a number of different strategies to enable you to block some of that ‘busy brain’ at night. You will also develop your own individual sleep program based on what suits you in relation to managing sleep and lifestyle factors.

Sessions 3 & 4 - Individual Consultations

Meet with an insomnia specialist who will assess your individual needs and history. These consultations focus on your personal sleep needs.


Read through booklets relating to healthy sleep habits, relaxation, reducing anxiety and worry, monitoring sleep, strategies involved in changing behaviours, and increasing awareness about unhelpful thoughts linked with poor sleep. Patients are expected to complete sleep diaries and sleep homework.

Get discounted access to a Relaxation CD produced specifically for people with insomnia by Woolcock Sleep Psychologist and Insomnia Specialist Dr Delwyn Bartlett.

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