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Dr Camilla Hoyos

Dr Camilla Hoyos

Sleep and circadian research
Sleep researcher with expertise in sleep clinical trials

Dr Camilla Hoyos is a Research Leader within the Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and is a National Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow within the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences at Macquarie University. Dr Hoyos is passionate about generating new knowledge on how sleep disorders, insufficient sleep and poorly timed sleep impact on health. Her work is determining whether reversing sleep problems with various therapies leads to reduced risk and impact of diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

Dr Hoyos has worked in clinical research for 20 years beginning as a clinical trial co-ordinator, and later clinical trial manager, at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, from 2002-2009. She then completed her PhD focusing on understanding whether treating sleep apnea reduced body fat and insulin resistance, both important risk factors for the development of diabetes, in 2012.

Her current research focuses on further understanding the role of disturbed sleep and metabolic dysfunction in cognitive decline and investigating new interventions which target disturbed sleep before cognitive decline begins.

Visit Camilla's academic profile at Macquarie University

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