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Tess Hardman, who features in this video, passed away in 2020. We thank Tess for sharing her story with us.


The Centre for Lung Cancer Research at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Sydney is dedicated to understanding and treating lung cancer, offering high-tech facilities to promote large translational research programs within the field.

The modern, purpose-built research laboratory is changing the way a deadly cancer is diagnosed, treated and studied both in Australia and globally. Find out more about lung cancer.

The vision of the Centre, led by Professor Maija Kohonen-Corish, is to improve the life expectancy of lung cancer patients and reduce the burden of this disease on our healthcare system by developing new life-saving therapies.

The Centre was established in 2018 with a grant from NSW Health that enabled its construction at the Woolcock headquarters in Glebe, and a generous donation from Mr Neil Werrett and his family to support its cutting-edge research.


The Woolcock is also home to the Lung Cancer Research Network, a team of world-class researchers from over 20 hospitals, research centres, universities and organisations who are united in the goal to better understand, treat and prevent this killer disease.  

Our Assistants

Dr Dia Xenaki
Maree Svolos

Our Higher Degree Research Students

Hannah Parker
Dr Alex Davis
Dr Anna McLean

Our Collaborators

Associate Professor Edmund Lau
Dr Emily Stone
Dr Jenny Liu
Dr Steven Kao
Professor Emad El-Omar
Professor Jane Dahlstrom OAM
Professor Philip Hansbro
Professor Wendy Cooper
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