Respiratory and Environmental Epidemiology

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Respiratory and Environmental Epidemiology

The Respiratory and Environmental Epidemiology Group conducts research to investigate the prevalence, risk factors and impact of respiratory disease in different population groups. 

Active areas of research include the impact of air quality on respiratory health, understanding how asthma changes during puberty, investigating different characteristics of COPD and assessing the health effects of infrasound generated by wind turbines.

The group also includes three significant research centres:

The Centre for Air pollution, energy and health Research (CAR) is a virtual centre that brings together more than 30 researchers from around Australia and internationally to understand the health impacts of air pollution and new energy sources.

The Australian Centre for Airways disease Monitoring (ACAM) aims to assist in reducing the burden of airways disease in Australia by developing, collating and interpreting data relevant to the prevention and management of chronic airways diseases.

Woolcock Vietnam has more than 50 staff across three cities who are working on improving lung health in Vietnam by conducting high-quality research, translating evidence into practice, and building local research capacity.

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