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Professor  Greg  Fox

Greg Fox

A Pulmonologist and Epidemiologist with a primary research interest in tuberculosis

Professor Greg Fox is a Pulmonologist and Epidemiologist from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and the University of Sydney, Australia. His research primarily focuses upon active case-finding for tuberculosis (TB), control of drug resistant TB and the use of technology to enhance TB control.

He lived in Vietnam for four years, during which time he helped to establish a multi-center randomized controlled trial of contact investigation for TB. He subsequently completed a post-doctoral Fellowship at McGill University in Canada. Professor Fox collaborates closely with the Vietnam National TB Program to undertake multi-center studies focused upon strengthening global TB control policies.

He leads the V-QUIN MDR-Trial, a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of levofloxacin to treat latent TB infection among contacts of patients with MDR-TB, in partnership with the Vietnam National TB Program.

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