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Associate Professor  Craig  Phillips

Associate Professor
Craig Phillips

Sleep Apnea
NHMRC Research Fellow with a primary research interest in sleep apnea

Associate Professor Craig Phillips (University of Sydney - Northern Clinical School) is an NHMRC Research Fellow at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. Most of his research has focused on how sleep apnea and its treatment impact on cardio-metabolic health using rigorously designed randomised controlled trials.

He was the first researcher to examine arterial stiffness in patients with sleep apnea using a non-invasive tonometry technique. He is more broadly examining the impact of rotating shift work on markers of cardio-metabolic health using our unique chronobiology facilities at the Woolcock. Additional work includes examining how molecular clocks are altered in conditions of disturbed sleep and how neurovascular dysfunction in sleep apnea impacts on neurobehavioral and cognitive function.

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