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Professor Sinthia  Bosnic-Anticevich

Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich

Respiratory Medicine
An internationally recognised leader in quality use of medicines in respiratory research

Professor Bosnic-Anticevich is an internationally recognised leader in clinical pharmacy research in the field of respiratory medicine; in particular the quality use of respiratory medicines. She leads national and international research groups focusing on the use of respiratory medicines in different patient populations. She works across the continuum of health care settings, with a multi-dimensional and inter-professional approach to better understand and improving health outcomes for patients using respiratory medicines.

She is the author of over 80 research publications and has attracted over $11 million of research funding. She is actively involved in the mentoring and supervision of research students and early career researchers. Professor Bosnic-Anticevich is on the executive committee of Allergic Rhinitis in Asthma (ARIA), the body responsible for creating guidelines for the management of allergic rhinitis and Chair of the Pharmacy ARIA group. Professor Bosnic-Anticevich is a member of the executive committee of the Respiratory Effectiveness Group, an investigator-led, not-for-profit research initiative that has been set up in recognition of the potential value of real-life research and the need to harness real-life evidence to inform meaningful practice guidelines, drug licensing and prescribing decisions. In this capacity she provides international leadership in setting research standards and excellence in real-life research and in evaluating mechanisms for integrating real-life research into clinical guidelines and practice.

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