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Professor  Cheryl  Salome

Cheryl Salome
Committed to respiratory research, particularly in the causes and mechanisms of asthma

Professor Cheryl Salome has had more than 25 years’ experience in respiratory research, particularly in the causes and mechanisms of asthma. Cheryl worked very closely with Professor Ann Woolcock during her career and was responsible for leading and facilitating epidemiology, cell biology and lung physiology. Professor Salome nurtured the lung physiology group, recruited PhD students, had oversight of all projects, made sure the research experience was a valuable one and then mentored these rising stars until they became independent research leaders. Her students have gone on to lead the world in lung physiology. Meanwhile, never one to step into the limelight, Professor Salome worked at the Woolcock facilitating the Friday research seminars, the Think Tank and continued to write manuscripts and successful grant applications which changed the way we think about airway disease. Professor Salome was and continues to be a star at the Woolcock.

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