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Sleep tips for older people

Sleep tips for older people

Monday, March 14, 2022

As we age, our bodies change and our sleep can be disrupted. But poor sleep does not have to go hand-in-hand with ageing. Older people can still get a good night's sleep.

Dr Wai Kuen Chow, Medical Director at the Woolcock Clinic, says there are things you can do to get a better night's sleep. She has some simple sleep tips that we've made into a poster you can print out as a handy reminder.

Read more about Wai Kuen's tips below, and listen to an interview she did with YourLifeChoices Magazine.

We wish you a restorative night's sleep!

Some tips for a better night's sleep


  • Get lots of exercise during the day
  • Meditate before bedtime
  • Make sure your room temperature is just right – not too hot or too cold
  • Keep the bed a place for sleep, rest and intimacy


  • Drink too much alcohol or caffeine just before bed
  • Eat a big or heavy meal just before bedtime
  • Drink a lot of water just before going to bed

What if you wake up during the night?

If you wake in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep, break the cycle. Get out of bed. Listen to the radio, a podcast or meditate. Have a small cup of warm milk or water. Stay away from screens.

What about napping during the day?

Daytime naps are fine – but keep them short, 15 to 45 minutes. 'Power naps' can be helpful, especially if you have exercised very early or vigorously. It can be a time for your body to refresh and recover.

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