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Patients breathe easy on CPAP at the Woolcock Therapy Centre

Patients breathe easy on CPAP at the Woolcock Therapy Centre

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the gold standard treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), but patients must get the right support to use their equipment successfully. 

“Without solid support early on, too many OSA patients give up on this primary treatment,” says Woolcock Sleep Physician Dr Dev Banerjee. “We’ve pulled together an expert team of sleep therapists at the Woolcock Therapy Centre to ensure patients start their CPAP journey with confidence and ultimately continue on that path to better sleep and an invigorated life.” 

GPs are aware that CPAP is a highly effective treatment for OSA, but it can be difficult for patients to adapt to and use each night. “Some people experience problems when they start using it, either with the mask, the machine, or working out how to sleep once attached to the breathing equipment,” Dr Banerjee says. “What we’ve learnt over the years is that resolving these barriers early on in treatment dramatically increases the likelihood patients will keep using it. Using CPAP regularly means better sleep and waking more refreshed. Achieving that for each patient is our top priority.”

The Woolcock Therapy Centre has a four-week trial treatment program which starts with a CPAP therapy initiation, including education, complimentary mask fittings and a customised therapy approach. All care provision is supervised by the patient’s sleep physician. The therapist follows up the consultation with a call to answer any questions and ensure the patient feels supported and comfortable with their equipment. Ongoing consultations are held in weeks two and three as the equipment is trialed. When the trial is complete, treatment is reviewed with the patient’s sleep physician and the patient has the option of purchasing their own equipment. Support continues in the months that follow, with a three-month reminder email, six-month therapy review and 12-month check-up.

Aside from CPAP support, the Woolcock Clinic offers a wide range of other treatment options for OSA patients, including weight loss services, positional therapy, dental devices, and nasal or mouth/throat surgery. 

“Our unique, inter-disciplinary approach ensures patients have access to a range of specialists under one roof,” Dr Banerjee says. “Patients who attend our clinic will be in the best care as they are guided by our experts through the initial stages of consultation and an overnight stay for their sleep study. Patients also receive tailored treatment options and the best support and tips to help use their new equipment.”

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