Reflections from the asthma front line

For Asthma Week 2021 we were delighted to bring you stories from people at the asthma front line. We asked each person to reflect on what has changed over the years, what their challenges are, and any tips they have for people living with asthma. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts, and to all our supporters who helped us spread the word about asthma during Asthma Week.

Lynette – the patient

"Don't be afraid to seek help. Asthma is not a failure, it's not a weakness. It's a condition that needs to be treated." Lynette was just 18 months old when she had her first asthma attack.

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Joe – the GP

"Though asthma can't be cured, it can be well-managed, so regular monitoring and review is very important." Hear from GP Joe about his 20 years' experience helping patients manage their asthma.

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Sarah – the pharmacist

"If you have asthma, find a pharmacist you trust and enjoy talking to, and stick to them. Your health outcomes can only improve from a good collaborative relationship with your pharmacist." Pharmacist Sarah Serhal reflects on over 7 years of helping people manage their asthma.

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Greg – the specialist

"It's just not OK to be using your short-acting reliever all the time. See your doctor to review your asthma. Seek the best treatment and stay well." Dr Greg Katsoulotos, asthma specialist.

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Sherri – the rural pharmacist

"If you haven't had asthma education, please find out where you can get asthma face- to-face education: through your GP clinic, your local hospital, or your local pharmacy."

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Biljana – the researcher

"I encourage anyone with asthma to volunteer for a research study. Sometimes it's as easy as filling in a questionnaire. And even a small effort like that can make a huge difference."

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