Emeritus Professor Norbert  Berend

Emeritus Professor
Norbert Berend
Former Director of the Woolcock who was instrumental in establishing the Institute as it is today

Professor Norbert Berend retired from his Chair of Thoracic Medicine and as Director of the Woolcock on 30 June 2012. Professor Berend led the Woolcock through a time of great change, had oversight of the negotiations to house the whole of the Institute in one building, sought funding and achieved the dream. At the time he became Director, the Institute had fewer than 20 employees in temporary homes on the University and RPA Hospital grounds. In 2012, the Woolcock had more than 150 employees and associate staff and 55 postgraduate students all of whom work in a state-of-the-art research institute. During this period he also led the development of respiratory research within the Asia Pacific region. Professor Berend has made us into what we are today.

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