Associate Professor  Euan Tovey

Associate Professor
Euan Tovey
A dedicated allergy researcher with a key interest in investigating and inventing asthma and allergy devices

Over the many years of his scientific career Associate Professor Euan Tovey focused on allergy research, particularly the house dust mite. He has worked on measurements of aeroallergens, investigated personal exposure to allergens and ways to minimise these. He has also investigated the role of viruses in asthma exacerbations and how these viruses are transmitted. He was a senior research fellow of the NHMRC. He has been inducted into the Asthma NSW Hall of Fame. His inquisitive and innovative mind is evident by his long list of patents. He invented many novel mechanisms and devices which he also followed through with development. The Woolcock would like to thank Associate Professor Tovey for his passion and commitment to research and our Institute.

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