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 Dr Catriona Ireland - Geriatrician

Dr Catriona Ireland


Dr Catriona Ireland graduated from the University of Sydney in 1993 and obtained her FRACP specialising in geriatrics in 2001. She then lived and worked for 12 years in Orange and continues to provide a regular memory and geriatric service to the area. Returning to live in Sydney in 2013, she has also engaged increasingly in clinical research around dementia risk reduction for those with subjective cognitive concerns or mild cognitive impairment. She regularly sees younger patients to decide if their concerns might warrant further review and to support them in practical ways to optimise their brain health and to age well more generally.

For patients 65 years and over, a general assessment (up to 90 minutes) will cover concerns about maintaining strength and independence, avoiding falls, reviewing medications and preserving cognitive function and mental health. For those with a diagnosis of dementia, Dr Ireland can provide ongoing support for the often challenging issues this raises for patients and their families.

Both brain health checks and general assessments for over 65s can also be conducted privately (concessions offered where needed) or, where eligible, via the Healthy Brain Ageing Clinic research programme. Occasionally a home visit is felt most appropriate.

Dr Ireland is a warm, engaged and practical clinician who maintains a high level of expertise in the care of older patients along with a strong interest in the neuroscience of optimising brain health in all adults. Her assessment will clarify any diagnosis and support you to find the most effective ways to address modifiable factors in the context of sleep, stress management, lifestyle and current health issues. Contact us below if your referring GP would like to find out more.  

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