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Bonnie Tran - Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Bonnie Tran

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Bonnie Tran is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. She completed a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology in 2018, and has since moved on to work on a Masters in Research. Bonnie's area of research focuses on healthy ageing and dementia prevention, specifically the relationship between lifestyle factors (such as physical activity, nutrition and sleep), mood and cognition in older adults with or without cognitive difficulties. 

Bonnie teaches within the Exercise and Sports Science department at the University of Sydney, covering topics including exercise in the general population and those with neurological conditions, exercise and sport psychology, as well as health and nutrition. She is also supervising students who are undertaking clinical placement within the Staff Fitness program at the University of Sydney.

In clinical practice, Bonnie strives to work collaboratively with her patients to improve the function and well-being of individuals experiencing cognitive concerns or difficulties, as well as those with neurological conditions or mental health concerns. She is also passionate about early prevention through exercise and lifestyle behaviour modification. As such, Bonnie is willing to work with patients to minimise the risk or occurrence of falls, decreased physical function, and declining memory and thinking skills in later life.

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