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New Funding Grant from Perpetual

New Funding Grant from Perpetual

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Perpetual manages more than 990 charitable trusts and endowments and distribute around $80 million each year on behalf of their clients. 

Thanks to the generosity of their philanthropic clients, Perpetual was able to grant us funding for much needed equipment on behalf of the charitable trusts and endowments that they manage. Congratulations to Associate Professor Greg King and Dr Brian Oliver who were awarded the following:


Early Detection and Monitoring of Airways Disease: application of the multiple breath nitrogen washout test. Amount granted: $74,671

The funds from Perpetual will be used to purchase an Ecomedics nitrogen washout device, which is used to measure small airway function. This device is a relatively new device being released about two years ago and has had a lot of input from researchers, which made it well suited for research applications. Our Airways and Pulmonary Imaging Group have pioneered small airway measurements in airways disease over the last 15 years, having used our own in-house designed and built machines. However, the heart of the machine, the nitrogen analyser is no longer manufactured.  The purchase of this nitrogen washout device means that we can continue our small airway studies on disease mechanisms, treatment and diagnosis in asthma, COPD and bronchiolitis in bone marrow transplant patients. 

Thank you to The Adolph Basser Trust for making this possible. 


Automated Digitisation of histological images. Amount granted: $72,499

New equipment accelerates the pathological discovery of lung disease. 

We will use this funding to purchase new equipment to automate (or speed up) the analysis of histological images.  Currently, histological images are analysed manually but with this new equipment the whole process can be fully automated.  Practically this means that a months work could now be done in a matter of days.

Thank you to The Enid Jackson Charitable Endowment for making this possible. 

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