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Fight Tuberculosis in Vietnam Project

Monday, January 25, 2016

A big thank you to everyone who supported this project! We are very excited that we have reached our target so that we can print Dr Paul Mason’s educational children’s book and distribute them to Vietnam villages. This book aims to teach children and their families that Tuberculosis is treatable and will potentially save countless lives. 

View the full campaign here: 

The Book

Listen to the audio version or watch the youtube clip

Alternatively, you can read the Pdf of the book in your language: 

English: A book about tuberculosis for children written by Paul Mason and illustrated by Amelia Darmawan (published 24 March 2016).
Tagalog: May Sakit Si Len at Si Alex
French: Un livre sur la tuberculose pour les enfants
Portuguese: Francis e Renê estão doentes
Vietnamese: Phuong va An bi benh

A special thank you to our supporters: 

Alfira O'Sullivan, Aman Singh, Beth Cullen, Broni Smith, Carol Armour, Cindy Thamrin, Claudia Dobler, Dale Yeats, David Bryant, Elyse Guevara, Esper & Dani & John Corrie, Frances Russell, Gary Mason, Greg Downey, Helen Williams, Hoang Tam real estate –Camau, Idan Ben-Barak, Jeannette Davison, Jeremy Hill, Jesse Richardson, Joanne Elliot, Judith, Julie Osbourne, Justin Denholm, Kaye P Bardwell, Kerry Martin, Kerstin Baas, Kevin O'Doherty, Kiera Wood, Kiran, Lauren Barber, Lekha Puri, Linda Gale, Lisa O'Sullivan, Louise Mercer, Lucia Chiappini, Lyn Moir, Margaret Hardy, Margaret Miller, Maria Comas, Maria Kearney, Marissa Mills, Marlene Ries, Michael Wallace, Miranda Groove, Naomi Mason Dean, Neville Board, Nicholas Hope, Oliver Frankel, Pierre Ulric Achour, Ray Brennan, Rebecca Dunsdon, Remy Rudegeair, Rena Hirani, Rhiannon Box, Richard, Rob Crowe, Ronald Richard Miller, Sandra West, Stevie Haimes, Struth Ruth, Samantha Colquhoun, Scott Dunsdon, Susan Reddrop, Susie Herring, Tanya Kok, Thanh Nguyen, Tim McCarron, Vincent Fogliati, Yvette Stanley.

We also like to thank our anonymous supporters! 

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